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Ways to Avoid Putting Your Child in the Middle When Going Through Divorce

By Susan Regan, MFT This is an excerpt from the book¬†Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: Shielding Your Child from Conflict — A Parent Guide to Effective Co-Parenting¬†by Susan Boyan and Ann Termini. This book is dedicated to protecting the emotional health of your children from the difficulty in the transition process of divorce. I highly recommend […]

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Understand the Emotional Impact of Separation

By Susan Regan, MFT What bad habits did you get into in your long-term relationship? Often times I’ve heard folks say that their long term relationship changed them. They stopped doing things that made them feel happy and they experience less joy. In long term relationships we sometimes question why we were together and where […]

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How is Your Marriage House?

By Susan Regan, MFT One of my favorite theorists, Gottman, writes about the sound relationship house. The sound relationship house is a really great model of trying to identify the patterns in your relationships and where the weak areas are. If we think of the relationship as a house, we have to build a foundation […]

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